No one wants to have to deal with a plumbing emergency at their home or business. The consequences can be messy, unpleasant, expensive and a major inconvenience to everyone involved.

If you require an emergency plumber in Lismore or surrounding areas, talk to the team at TJM Plumbing—we provide 24/7 plumbing solutions across the region.

Whether it’s a backflow issue, septic tank problem, toilet overflow, blocked drain, burst pipe or something else, a licensed and insured plumber will promptly diagnose and correct the source of your emergency plumbing issue so you can get back to living comfortably.

Overflowing Toilet

Toilets can overflow due to a number of reasons, including clogged drains, a blocked vent pipe or an improperly functioning septic tank. When left to deal with the unpleasant smells, terrible mess and general breakdown in the functioning of your home or business, it’s easy to panic and difficult to know where to being.

That’s why it’s imperative that you call a plumber immediately should the worst happen.

Utilising water jetters and a CCTV drain inspection camera, a plumber will locate the blockage or toilet issue and provide prompt, affordable solutions before more damage can be sustained. Before you do that though, turn off your mains water!

Leaking Water Heater

A leaking water heater can cause significant damage to your property, with flooding in the walls weakening the structural integrity of your home or business.

Caused by blockages in the system or breakdowns in pipes and drainage, flooding is one of the most expensive and difficult plumbing issues to rectify—which is why you need to call a licensed professional immediately.

You should also shut off your mains water, to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen over time. You may need your water heater replaced or repaired, and the source of the blockage corrected in order to have your home or business running as usual again.

Blocked Drains

If you are unable to unclog a blocked drain using a plunger or chemicals, you may require the services of an emergency plumber. A sewage backup can cause serious damage, unpleasantness and inconvenience as a result of a blockage left unchecked.

Clogs in the drain can be caused by gathered food scraps, debris, grease, hair and more. Over the course of weeks, months or years, these blockages can build up and cause backflow issues, burst pipes and issues with your septic system.

Ensure your home is safe from flooding by staying up to date with regular maintenance and staying wary of what you put down the sink. Taking small precautions and booking general repairs when they’re needed will go a long way to stopping plumbing emergencies.

If you need an emergency plumber in Lismore, talk to the team at TJM Plumbing today. We are fully licensed and insured, with services available 24/7 across the region. Call us on 0402 311 821!

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