Having a water leak in your property can cause a lot of problems.

If the leak is big, you, your family or colleagues could be in immediate danger.

Even if the situation is not this bad, the dangers could be hidden.

Also, water leaks are hugely damaging to property.

Not only do they affect the safety of any building, they greatly reduce its value.

Every minute a leak goes untreated, a great deal of damage is done.

For these reasons, calling an emergency plumber could be the best call you ever make.

Spreading Problem

Any leak in a plumbing system is a sign of worse to come.

No matter how small it seems to be, a leak is bad news.

Whether it’s a faulty seal, or a crack in a pipe, water gets to work quickly.

If it can find its way out of a property unnoticed, it probably will.

It’s only when there’s too much water for gravity to cope with that leaks become obvious.

By that time, there will have been significant damage done.

Sometimes, leaks are only obvious second hand.

For instance, people notice that their water bills are a bit high for what they use.

That can mean that the precious stuff isn’t coming out of your taps and flushing the loo.

Rather, some if it is seeping away at some point in your property.

So, you’re paying for water you don’t use, and it’s bound to be doing damage somewhere.

At other times, people might receive a notice from the local authority that something’s wrong with their water supply.

Or there might be a strange, wet patch in the middle of the yard which doesn’t seem to come from anywhere.

It’s at times like this when you should act quickly. Unfortunately, many people don’t.

They wait until there’s a real emergency before calling the plumber.

Leak Detection

Of course, the first thing you want from an emergency plumber is for them to stop the leak.

In some cases, this is easy, as the source of the leak is obvious.

If you’ve managed to find and turn off your stopcock, at least that decreases panic.

All the same, your leak will need to be fixed before you can turn your water back on. Then you can also assess what damage has been done…

Sometimes, however, the source of leaks is not so obvious.

That’s when an experienced plumber with the right equipment becomes even more essential.

Domestic and business plumbing systems suffer from the same types of leak at some point.

Modern leak detection equipment can also identify hidden leaks very quickly.

Call Us

Time is of the essence, of course.

Having the number of an emergency plumber handy will cut out much of the stress of having a leak.

With that in mind, put this in your phone, or on the fridge door: 0402 311 821. For more help, visit TJM plumbing at https://tjmp.com.au

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