Nothing is worse than finding out your dishwasher has a leak.

After all, it’s a mess to clean up and you might have to spend time doing dishes by hand while you get the problem repaired.

Finding a good plumber in Lismore can really help make the difference between an issue that persists and one that is taken care of quickly.

Here are some common causes of dishwasher leaks and how we here at TJM Plumbing can help. 

A Faulty Door

If the door of your dishwasher isn’t closing correctly, you may notice water escaping in places.

You might see drips or an accumulation of water under the door or you could see water dripping where a seal is damaged or screws are loose.

You may be able to tighten those loose screws, but if you aren’t sure where the water is coming from, you should definitely leave it to the experts so you get a proper repair. 

The Wrong Soap

Using the wrong soap is a big time issue with your dishwasher.

Never put hand washing liquid soap in your dishwasher because this can a lot of foam to build up, which can cause the dishwasher to leak in various places.

Read the manufacturer information that comes with your dishwasher and use only the kind of soap that’s recommended for your dishwasher model. 

A Worn Out Gasket

The gasket on your dishwasher is important because it provides the seal around the door that keeps that water in the unit while it’s running.

If this gasket gets worn out, it doesn’t do its job properly and you could wind up with leaks where the rubber is worn through or where there’s damage.

Inspect your dishwasher’s gasket regularly and replace it if you notice that it’s getting worn out. 

Unlevel Dishwasher

Your dishwasher must be level to work properly. If it’s not, you could have more water on one side than you should, which can lead to leaking from that place.

To test this, open the dishwasher and place a level tool on the bottom of it. If it’s misaligned, adjusting it so it’s level across the entire unit should help fix the problem and stop the leak.

You can do this yourself if you know how or give us a call to help you out. 

Call TJM Plumbing for help with all of your leaking dishwasher questions and concerns. Remember too, we are you plumber in Lismore for all water bases issues and projects.

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