Calling in the plumbers isn’t something that anyone wants to do, but sometimes it is necessary. It usually means stress, disruption, and extra expenses. Unfortunately, at times, it is just unavoidable.  An emergency plumber can also turn out to be pretty expensive compared to a regular within hours service. We at TJM Plumbing know all about it, as it is our business and we run an emergency service. If you need a plumber in a hurry, call us as we offer a quick, hassle free service at reasonable rates. Here are some of the signs that you need an emergency plumber ASAP.

Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is one sure sign that you need an emergency plumber. Back-flow in you toilet or sinks will indicate that you have a serious problem. It is probably a sewage pipe problem, a blockage of some kind.

Slow Water Flow

When your water flow is very low, especially from your shower attachment, this can indicate that you have a blockage in your pipes or that you are having an issue with your or hot water system. Whether, gas electric, or solar, you will need the help of an emergency plumber to get it fixed quickly.

Slow Water Drainage

Poor or slow drainage in your sinks, shower stall or toilet will tell you that you have a problem in your system. Most likely a blockage, but the problem is where? Finding the origin of a leak is normally a qualified plumber’s job. If you don’t want it to get worse, call in an emergency plumber.

Air In Your Piping

When you hear gurgling noises or your pipes banging that’s another reason that need a plumber. There is probably air in pipes, but how did it get there and where exactly is the problem? Left to continue this will damage your plumbing system further.

Hot Water System Outage

Only cold water? When your system only delivers cold water, even from the hot taps, you probably have a problem with your boiler. As we use hot water constantly and find it hard to live without, it’s best to call a plumber straight away.

Water Quality

If the quality of your water has changed, it’s coming out murky or dirty, then something is definitely wrong. This kind of plumbing issue can be a health hazard to you and your family. There is the danger of germs and bacteria breeding. If your water comes out brownish, greenish, or has a blueish tint, be warned.

Expert Emergency Plumbers to Assist You!

An emergency plumber isn’t really someone you want to call, but it is better to be safe not sorry and get your plumbing issue fixed as quickly as possible. If you have an emergency, TJM Plumbing is here to help. We offer a fast, friendly, and professional response. So, contact us through our message page or just call for a fast response.

If you’re wondering what may cause a blocked drain in your home, check out our previous blog here where we go into depth on the seven most common objects that cause blockages.

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