Out with Septic Tanks & in with Sewer and Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Living in places like Lismore or Mudgee can often mean fending for ourselves when it comes to ‘luxuries’ like running water, gas and sewer connections. It’s becoming less and less common, however we still find properties that run off tank water and use septic tanks.

Actually, sometimes being ‘off the grid’ can have serendipities that far outweigh the negatives. Not only are many of these solutions more sustainable, but they also mean you’re not dependant on the authorities. Many households prefer this.

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Ozzi Kleen Sewage Treatment Systems in Lismore and Mudgee – The Septic Tank alternative!

TJM Plumbing are proud installers of Ozzi Kleen Sewer Systems in the Lismore and Mudgee region, which enables properties off the grid and away from services to have fully functioning sewer and grey water solutions, without the hassle of traditional septic tank systems.

Whether it’s a residential property, or a commercial property, TJM Plumbing will work with you to select and install the right solutions for your premises. Ozzi Kleen’s Waste Water Systems are mostly installed underground, so they’re by no way an inconvenience. The waste water is treated and dispersed into the ground onsite, so typically, there is less and sometimes no need for pumping and it’s a completely environmentally friendly product.

Here are some interesting facts, related to Ozzi Kleen’s Sewage Systems.

  •  It’s the only 100% aerobic treatment system on the market.
  • It handles common household cleaning agents and antibiotics.
  • It produces water that can be used for irrigation.
  • The tanks have a 15 YEAR warranty!
  • There’s a 3 year warranty on the pump and blower.

To find out more about Ozzi Kleen’s Sewage Treatment Systems, or to discuss whether it’s a fit for your premises, give TJM Plumbing a call today.

You can also read more on the Ozzi Kleen website here.

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OH&S all the way with TJM Plumbing!

Of course TJM Plumbing would never endorse a system that is not 100% safe and fully compliant to the current heath standards, so in relation to the safety of your own health and the heath of your family, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never have a problem. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we wouldn’t put it in!

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Do you live near Lismore or Mudgee?

If you live in Lismore or Mudgee, or any of the surrounding areas and you’re looking for a safe, sustainable and effective alternative to septic tanks on your domestic, or commercial property, give TJM Plumbing a call.

An Ozzie Kleen Waste Water System may suit your property, so check it out. It could be the best decision that you’ll ever make.

TJM Plumbing are proudly Mudgee’s Ozzie Kleen authorised distrbuters and instalers.

Give us a call today. We’re in both Mudgee and Lismore!
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