Blocked drains in Lismore are a bummer. They can be expensive to clear out and can be incredibly inconvenient in terms of normal life at home. Fortunately, when they occur, you have TJM Plumbing on your side. We are the experts in clearing blocked drains and getting your plumbing system back to normal quickly. Here are our top tips for keeping a blocked drain from occurring in the first place.

Dump Rubbish in the Rubbish Bin

One of the best ways to prevent blocked drains in your kitchen is to dump rubbish and food debris in the rubbish bin, even if you have a garbage disposal. It’s especially important to keep things like coffee grounds and grease out of your kitchen drains because these items can build up and lead to blockages. Throw leftover food in the rubbish or your compost pile instead of down the drain.

Use Drain Catchers

These simple devices can be placed in your plugholes and act as a catch all for anything you don’t want to go down the pipe. Use them in the kitchen to collect food scraps in the sink and in the bathroom to help control the amount of hair that goes down the shower and sink drains. These drain covers can also help collect soap scum, something else that can easily lead to blocked drains.

Use Care When Flushing

You shouldn’t flush anything down the toilet except for human waste and toilet paper. Anything else can block the pipes, leading to a backup, which can be expensive to repair and unhealthy to deal with. Wipes, diapers, sanitary items, cat litter, and other waste should always be placed in the rubbish bin, never flushed down the toilet. Not only does this prevent blockages in the drains, but it also protects the sewage system, something that is a huge hassle should it be damaged or if it backs up.

Call the Professionals

It can be tempting to try to clear your drains on your own, but this is never a good idea. You can often push the blockage further into the pipes, leading to a bigger issue. You might also cause damage to your drains and pipes, which can make the entire process longer and more expensive. If you have a blocked drain, call us to help you take care of it.

Even though you know how to prevent blocked drains in Lismore, they may still happen from time to time. When they do, call us here at TJM Plumbing. We even offer emergency services.

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